The Rock & Rouge Women’s Music and Food Festival established Rock & Rouge Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to granting small scholarships to young womxn who seek STEAM (science, technology, entertainment, arts, mathematics) careers.

Introducing Gxrls to STEAM at the Rock & Rouge Foundation STEAM Tent

Rock & Rouge Foundation coordinates and sponsors the STEAM tent at The Rock & Rouge Women’s Music and Food Festival & beyond. Rock & Rouge Foundation encourages young gxrls to have fun as they explore science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics at the STEAM tent! All gender identities are invited to participate in Rock and Rouge Foundation STEAM Tent.

The STEAM tent features workshops that fortify young minds throughout the day in science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics. Our past STEAM tent featured partners such as Electric Girls and Microsoft, who provided for gxrls ages 8-14. They enjoyed various activities like making their own hand-held fans from scratch, playing games on XBoxes, learning how to play drums, drawing, and experimenting with GOO. Breaking down all barriers we want our kids in our communities open to a whole new world of higher education and enlightenment. This is the mission of the Rock & Rouge.

Giving Local, Women Musicians a Festival of Their Own

The women musicians of New Orleans are challenged and outnumbered. The Rock & Rouge Women’s Music & Food Festival & beyond was created as a means to celebrate women musicians, particularly our local rock stars, while giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents on our Women Who Rock Stage.

The 2018 Women Who Rock Stage hosted strong front women in rock bands like The Vettes, DiNOLA, Frenchie Moe and Big Pearl & the Fugitives of Funk.

Raising Funds for Rock & Rouge Foundation Grants

Rock & Rouge Foundation funds supplies and small grants for young gxrls pursuing their STEAM dream. The Rock & Rouge Women’s Music & Food Festival & beyond serves as the Foundation’s annual fundraising event. Donations and sponsorship are required to make this mission a reality.

Learn more about The Rock & Rouge Foundation on our website https://rockandrougefoundation.org/.